Zechariah 4:6 — Then he answered and spake unto me, saying: This is the word of the LORD unto Zerubbabel, saying, Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the LORD of hosts.


The Lord opened a door a couple of years ago to share the End-time Message for the first time in Rabaul, East New Britain, PNG. My parents John and Anne Gloyne have been living there for the past five years now but it was only a few years ago after I met the Lord that I had a burden to share what God is doing in our day with them.

The first person I shared the message to was my parent’s house maid, Ruth, who is a Christian. One morning I was talking to the Lord and I asked Him how I could share the message with Ruth. The Lord said to me ‘Tell her your testimony, show her “Deep Calleth to the Deep”, and then show her Brother Branham’s ministry in scripture. I did not know at the time, but Ruth was troubled that morning and she said to the Lord that she wanted to hear from Him that day. I did what the Lord said for me to do, and she said to me, after I had explained Bro Branham’s minis-try from the Bible ‘Could you please write down the scriptures so I can go away and read them.’ I gave her the booklet ‘The Message of Restoration’ by Bro Reg Searle. It is important to mention here that Ruth does not speak English, only Tok Pisin and she can’t read English very well but she said when she read the Message of Restoration, she said she could understand the whole thing. As she was reading it, the Presence of the Lord came down and the conviction was so strong in her heart that it was the truth that she had to put it down and walked around outside for a while before reading it again. Ruth has been a believer since then and has given the books and tapes to many people.

In one of the first meetings that I had in Rabaul. I showed the ‘Deep calleth to the Deep’ to the people and ex-plained Bro Branham’s ministry from scripture. I sent the message books, tapes and CDs to people who asked for them when I came back to New Zealand. One brother who was in one of the first meetings was Brother Boni-face. He was raised a catholic but his father told him you never drink or smoke or chase women which he didn’t. The Lord supernaturally started revealing the truth of the Word to him and he went from denomination to denomi-nation. During this time, he had many experiences with the Lord. He was very blessed by reading the message and listening to the prophet and after he watched the Global Answers on Water baptism, I baptised him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. The following year I baptised his 18 year old daughter Freda. She was in a meet-ing by herself and after the meeting she came forward and wanted to be baptised.


My sisters and I were scheduled to fly up to Rabaul before Christmas 2009. A few days before we were meant to leave NZ, mum called me saying that the volcano was erupting and the ash had closed the run way and our tick-ets were changed to Kavieng which is the closest airport to Rabaul. The volcano was erupting continuously at that time for nearly a year until two days before we left NZ. The volcano completely stopped erupting and it rained enough to wash the ash off the runway. When we flew in Port Moresby from Brisbane, we all managed to get onto a flight to Rabaul even though the plane was full AND our tickets weren’t even to Rabaul. It just goes to show if God wants you somewhere you get there. Hallelujah!


After I came back to New Zealand from Rabaul, Ruth fell over while carrying her canoe. This completely dislocated her knee cap and snapped three tendons. My mum took her to hospital. After an x ray the doctors said they needed to operate to reattach the tendons. Ruth said ‘No, don’t operate; I’m going to trust in the Lord.’ They put her knee cap back in place and put her leg in plaster for six weeks. During this time she just stayed in her house and couldn’t go out. Mum kept supplying her with food. Ruth said one night this dark shadow came over her and after that she had ‘tupela tingting’ (two minds). The next time I saw Ruth was when Christine and I were on our honeymoon there and she was a totally different per-son and quite depressed. We arranged to see her one night. Before we saw her, Christine and I really prayed that Ruth would leave the house a different person to when she came in. I was really thinking that her leg would get healed then and there. When we saw Ruth we just spent the time reminding her that God only reveals Himself to His children, after this the atmosphere in the room really changed. We showed her Brother Gary Walker’s testimony that he gave at Cloverdale Bibleway and then anointed her with oil and prayed for her as Scripture says. After our time in prayer she was back to her old self, praise the Lord. Ruth could still not bend her leg at this time, but she was delivered of that oppressing spirit. The night before we saw Ruth, I received an email from my pastor brother Greg Alford saying, make sure you anoint Ruth with oil and pray for her. This confirmed what I had on my heart to do and it was also interesting that this has been the only time that he has specifically instructed me to do something while on a mission trip.


The majority of the meetings we had during that trip consisted of both of us giving our testimonies. Then I would show the 20th Century Prophet film and briefly explain Bro Branham’s ministry. I felt to do this in order to show the reality of the transforming power of Jesus Christ. Dur-ing one meeting, the Lord really spoke to a sister who was wearing earrings and make up when Christine was sharing her testimony about how the Lord said “I can’t shine through you when you wear that tinted moisturizer”. When she was speaking to Christine after the meeting she told her she watches Joyce Meyer and thought that was Christian, which to herself, justified wearing such things but she realised (without us saying to her) that it was a Jezebel spirit and falsely anointed. She took off her earrings and makeup and said she wanted the Word to shine through her to her family, and especially her husband who is an unbeliever. When I went back to Rabaul in November 2010, I saw her and she is still free of makeup, earrings and is rejoicing in the Message.

On the same trip in June/July during our honeymoon, we stayed in a village a 40 minute drive inland from Rabaul, which is down a road that is best described as a dirt track. When it rains it is impossible to get out. Christine and I stayed there for a week and had a few meetings, which included the opportunity to give my testimony to a school of 200+ students and their teachers. As I was giving my testimony, their faces seemed to light up as I shared about God’s transforming power today and many of them came to the meeting we had that night where 100s of message books and tracts were handed out. The people were also touched when I preached on walking in the light with all the elders of the church coming forward for prayer after the meeting. Because of the condition of the road, every time it would start raining, I would ask the Lord ‘send it back out to sea Lord’ and the rain would go away. After we came back to New Zealand I emailed mum asking how everything was and she said the roads were like rivers because they had had so much rain since we had left. Our God is still a supernatural God.


I went back to Rabaul in November 2010. When I met Ruth again, she only had a slight limp. In July she could only just slightly bend her leg. From this we can see that God reattached the three snapped tendons and completely healed her knee! I spent two weeks in the same village where Christine and I were on our honeymoon. I could really see a maturity of the people in the Word and particularly in the pastor. There is now a Message book and tape lending library in the church. We had about twelve meetings there and most of them were in the surrounding villages with the pastor translating for me.


After the first meeting, we were sitting around talking about the Lord and the atmosphere changed as it does when you talk about the Lord with believers. When this happened, Chanela who is a two year old girl that Ruth was looking after woke up crying. I asked Ruth what is wrong with her. Ruth said ‘her skin is hot.’ (meaning she had a fever) I said to all there ‘this is just the devil trying to disrupt our fellowship’ I then felt led to say ‘We need to have faith for others when they can’t’ and laid my hand on her and re-buked the devil in the name of Jesus Christ. The next morning she was completely healed. It turned out she had had malaria.


When I was staying in the Village, a sister Serah went to the hospital to get some test results. When she came back she shared a testimony how she was healed from cancer of the uterus. Serah said in 1994 she had prolonged uterus bleeding. This stopped but in June 2010 it came back. The bleeding stopped when Christine and I were staying there. After we left however, she started bleeding again and got so sick that they had to rush her to hospital. When she was in the hospital she said she had a series of five visions of different devils attacking her. She then had a dream of a large snake and lizard attacking her and trying to enter into her body, she checked to see if she was properly clothed so they could not. The same snake and lizard dragged her down into a deep pit where stronger animals surrounded her and birds flew above her. She raised her right hand and asked the Lord to help her. At that moment, a light came down and touched her right hand, lift-ing her out of the pit and away from her enemies. The next dream she had, she saw brother Branham come and pray a powerful prayer of healing and deliverance for her. When she woke up she could eat for the first time in a week and was totally healed. The doctors who wanted to remove her uterus because they thought she had cancer did further tests after God healed her and could not find anything wrong with her so they won’t remove her uterus. Serah has testified to many people about her healing. It is won-derful that God supernaturally vindicates Himself and His Word to His children.

The trip finished with a baptismal service with the pastor and 13 of his congregation plus two others being baptised in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is only a brief account of a few of the things that the Lord is doing by His Spirit in East New Britain. It is exciting for me to see what the Lord is doing in this End-time as His Word goes to one of the last places on earth.