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First of all, thank you for visiting our website. I trust that you are looking for more of God and desire to know the Lord Jesus Christ in a greater way.

Normally church websites have pages such as this  one and present a brief or bullet pointed overview on what they believe. The reader normally while reading through this will even subconsciously compare what they are reading to what they believe and either begin to look deeper or close the page and never come back.

I’d like to attempt to share a little about ourselves in a different way.

To me, the meaning of our church name really typifies who we are.

Shekinah is a Hebrew word that means  the dwelling or settling of the divine presence of God

The word tabernacle means a dwelling place.

Putting both words together the name of our church means the dwelling place of God.

This of course is not the church building that we are referring to but the Christian believer that the Lord Jesus Christ dwells in.

The apostle Paul wrote to the Corinthian church “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” 1st Corinthians 6:19 KJV 

We believe that the same Lord Jesus Christ that the apostles and early church knew is still the same today and that every Christian must be born again and that His Word becomes manifest in their lives, more than just healing but God himself comes and dwells in the believer and the Words of the Holy Scripture lives out through them.

We also believe that the ministry of William Marrion Branham (1909-1965) was the response of the Holy Spirit to the prophecies of the Scriptures in Malachi 4:5,6, Luke 17:30, and Revelations 10:7. This worldwide ministry has been the culmination of many other Bible prophecies, and a continuation of the working of God by His Spirit at this End time. This ministry was spoken of in the Scriptures, to prepare the people for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

Please take a look at the testimony section of our website. The written testimonies are from myself and others whose lives have been completely changed by what God has done through the this ministry. I was a typical university student who loved to drink, party and play sport. I had been to many different types of churches and had read about other religions but it was when I listened to William Branham preaching, it spoke to me like nothing else ever did and changed my life forever.

Our goal is to share what God has done in our day to all,that every sincere heart would have a greater relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ

I’ll leave you with a quotation from William Branham that sums up what we desire to be achieved in not only our lives but the lives of others.

Not for one moment do I bring a message to the people that they may follow me, or join my church, or start some fellowship and organization. I have never done that and will not do that now. I have no interest in those things, but I do have an interest in the things of God and people, and if I can accomplish just one thing I will be satisfied. That one thing is to see established a true spiritual relationship between God and men, wherein men become new creations in Christ, filled with His Spirit and live according to His Word. I would invite, plead and warn all to hear His voice at this time, and yield your lives completely to Him, even as I trust in my heart that I have given my all to Him. God bless you, and may His coming rejoice your heart.

God bless you,

Ben Gloyne


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